Ahmed ElShafee

Ahmed M. ElShafee, Held Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University in August 2008.

He published many scientific papers, international conferences like NRSC (National Radio Science Conference), AfriCon, ICSPC (International Conference on Signal Processing and Communications), MELECON (Mediterranean Electro-technical Conference), IC3 (International Conference on Contemporary Computing – Algorithms), ITS (International conference on ITS Telecommunications), ICCSIT (International Conference on Computer Science and Information Technology), ICCESSE (International Conference on Computer, Electrical, and Systems Sciences, and Engineering), ICEDSA (International Conference on Electronics Design, Systems and applications

He published many scientific papers international journals like; IJCEE (International Journal of Computer and Electrical Engineering), IJCSNS (International Journal of Computer Science and Network Security), IJCA (International Journal of Computer Applications), IJNSA (International Journal of Network Security & Its Applications), IJACSA (International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications).

He won The Best Young Scientist Award as per the conference council recommendation (National Radio Science Conference 2001), Alexandria, Egypt, for his paper entitled “Rotor Enhanced Block Cipher (REBC)”.

He worked in Telecommunication Engineering Field (Operations, then Research & Development) for more than 8 years for Orascom Telecom Holding different subsidiaries.

He worked as Assistant Professor in Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (Ahram Canadian University)/Faculty of Engineering , and a Researcher in Information Technology Research & Consultation Center (ITRCC), Ahram Canadian University for 5 years.

Now new he works as Associate Professor, Acting vice dean of Faculty of Engineering, and Electrical Engineering Dept. Head, Ahram Canadian University).